Senior Prom

“Because a yellow rose is my “signature” symbol, whenever I hear of anything about yellow roses, my ears perk up. So when I heard the words on Canada AM this morning I became alert. I was so moved watching the article about the Prom Night. What a wonderful celebration of life. Although survivors are being less each year, I hope this continues”.
–Gloria Jean Gifford, 2013

What is a Senior Prom? It’s a rite of passage for North Americans graduating high school. It’s a sign of youth.

Why is it called the Yellow Rose Project? In 2011, Franka Kon showed the photographer her yellow rose and said, “I used to be designated with a yellow star, now I am celebrated with a yellow rose.”

Did proms take place in Europe? Yes.

How many people has YRP’s Senior Prom reached to date (April 1, 2015)?

  • Over 1000 Holocaust survivors (out of ~12,000) have attended Senior Prom to date
  • Baycrest’s Cafe Europa, Circle of Care, March of the Living and the Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre and Toronto Jewish Congregations supported us in our Holocaust survivor outreach efforts
  • Over 3000+ young professionals were engaged
  • Over 60 young adults and 2nd generation survivors sit on planning committee
  • Over 100 people volunteer the day of the prom
  • 4 Holocaust survivors modeled in Community Connect’s BAC2Fashion in front of an audience of +200young professionals and families in the prom scene
  • 40+ high school students volunteered

Who puts on this type of prom? Young Adults in the community.

Which cities has the Senior Prom taken place? Toronto, ON and Hamilton, ON

Will the Senior Prom be in other cities? If so, which ones? Yes. Montreal will be planning the 6th YRP Senior Prom and their first prom. Plans for proms in Tel Aviv, New York and Poland are in the works. Interested in leading one?

Why do the younger generations care? Holocaust survivors are the link to our past and they have done so much for us. We are the last generation who will have the opportunity to interact and build special bonds with Holocaust survivors.

What is the History of Senior Prom?

May 31, 2015: TBD, Montreal, OC
June 20, 2014: BAYT, Toronto, ON
June 20, 2013: Kehilah Centre, Toronto, ON
June 20, 2012: Beth Emeth, Toronto, ON
June 20, 2011: The Warehouse Event Venue, Toronto, ON
May, 2007: Baycrest, Toronto, ON

The first “Senior Prom” took place at Shalom Village in Hamilton, ON in 2006.


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