Committee Members

Thank you to our committee members who have come back year after year to plan the senior prom. Every ounce of time is to honour our communities survivors. We appreciate everything.

Martine Becker

Sara Lefton 

Rachel Singer

Carolyn Kayfetz

Ranit Beck

Sara Cuneo

Claire Freeman

Keri Sadoff

Marina Davidoff

Michelle Fishman

Alana Kayfetz

Leah Carr

Carly Tal

Ricci Postan

Ashlee Firsten

Sabrina Mager

Kari Thal

Alana Thal

Raisa Nakhimova

Sam Schreiber

Jessica Taylor

Shayla Schipper

Jaime Lerman

Ashley Kochman

Noah Zatzman

Marni Wolfe

Carolyn kayfetz

noah gano

 If your name is not on this list, please contact us to ensure you are properly recognized for your commitment, passion and time.