About Us

The Yellow Rose Project’s (YRP) mission is to give Holocaust survivors the opportunity to build relationships, celebrate life and to educate the Millennial/GenX generation–the last group that will have personal experiences with Holocaust survivors.

What does YRP do in the community?

  • Celebrates the lives of Holocaust survivors on an annual basis at the Senior Prom
  • Brings media exposure, both local and national spread awareness to lessons of the Holocaust
  • Records Holocaust survivor testimonials
  • Aims to increase the quality of life for Holocaust Survivors and their families
  • Gives Holocaust survivors the opportunity to connect with young adults (vice versa).
  • Gives younger generations motivation and an outlet to learn stories and build confidence in sharing testimonials of survivor.
  • Gets survivors out of isolation and involved in other organizations that provide support to Holocaust survivors (Ex.Cafe Europa) if they are not already connected.
  • Has increased the number of intergenerational relationships in Toronto community
  • Creates intergenerational programming for Holocaust survivors and 2nd and 3rd generations
  • Increases the number of people who actively remember Holocaust survivors testimonials
  • Provides an innovative outlet for intergenerational programming initiatives

An estimated 10, 000 survivors reside in the Greater Toronto Area, one of the largest concentrations of Holocaust survivors in the world, (April 13, 2011). This number is growing as the children of survivors bring older adult parents from other parts of the country and world to Toronto. In addition, the Jewish community must ensure that survivors continue to be provided with quality care and attention as service organizations become taxed by the geriatric boom taking place in our community and society. The Yellow Rose organization would supplement and work with the already excellent, quality care provided by geriatric care service organizations in Toronto by providing outreach services to older adult survivors. The Yellow Rose would be in a position to interact with these individuals, to know when they are in need and to provide appropriate referral when such is required. In turn, participants would be provided with the opportunity to support older adult survivors and hear their testimony.