Zaide Joe Morgan Z’L

Our community was blessed to celebrate life with Zaide Joe Morgan Z’L who passed away yesterday (3/22/2016) after a full 90 years. He was full of life, love and was blessed with a beautiful and loving family who absolutely adored him.

Zaide Joe first attended senior prom in 2014 together with his beloved wife and grandson.

The prom cherishes the memories of those who never had the opportunity to dance at their senior prom and gives our community the opportunity to honour and dance with those who survived; Zaide Joe certainly danced with us and he will forever be dancing in our hearts.

The Yellow Rose Project family sends our deepest sympathy to Zaide Joe Morgan’s family. We are forever grateful to have shared this incredible simcha with you. May his memory be for a blessing.


Photo: Zaide Joe Morgan Z’L making a blessing over the challah together with his loving grandson, Benjamin Feldman and community organizers father, Daniel Kayfetz.