More about Prom

The Senior Prom is an event put on by young adults for Holocaust survivors.

We do everything for survivors because we are aware of their past and we want to give them something they never had: a chance to celebrate youth.

The prom does just that.

It’s a night full of ease, freedom and liberty when 70 years ago, this was the last thing survivors would have thought of.

It is the responsibility of our generation to show survivors that we care and their stories will not be forgotten

Looking back…


  • 177 new Holocaust survivors will be attending this years prom meaning we have increased our outreach by 50%


  • Over 950 Holocaust survivors (out of ~9000) were engaged via Baycrest’s Cafe Europa, Circle of Care, March of the Living and the Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre.
  • Over 3000+ young professionals were reached via social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Over 60 young adults and senior advisors (2nd generation survivors + Holocaust survivors) were on the Senior Prom planning committee and assisted day of.
  • 4 Holocaust survivors modeled in Community Connects BAC2Fashion show in front of an audience of +200 young professionals and families—an event raising funds for vulnerable older adults.
  • Over 20 high school students volunteered at the senior prom 2012.
  • Director of YRP and Holocaust survivor appeared on CTV, Canada’s National News for a 7 minute interview the day before Senior Prom
  • SUNNewsNetwork attended prom and developed an 8-minute piece the next day. CJN, Shalom Life and the Jewish Tribune also contributed (See Appendix A).
  • Senior Prom: An Intergenerational of Life will feature 3 countries and 3 generations.
  • We currently have a team in Toronto, New York City and Jerusalem, Israel planning 2013’s prom.


  • Over 250 Holocaust survivors attend the Senior Prom: An Intergenerational Celebration of Life
  • Over 140 March of the Living Alumni were in attendance
  • Senior Prom appeared on CTV, Canada’s National News Channel with Holocaust survivor, March of the Living Alumni and Director of Yellow Rose Project.


  • Over 150 Holocaust survivors attended senior prom alongside 40 Hillel students
  • Over 13 different news broadcast stations were in attendance

2006- Present

  • “Senior Prom” for older adults continues in Hamilton, ON at Shalom Village

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