on Yom Hashoah…we can’t just remember, we have to “do”

People my age think Holocaust survivors are invincible–that they will live forever; forever part of, engrained, enmeshed in the fabric of our heritage, our every tradition, our identity—that their stories will magically stay alive, somehow. some way.


But we are far too blessed—we, my generation, Jewish youth are often apathetic and as a result, we are prone to taking Holocaust survivors and their testimonials for granted—take the Shoah for granted–We grew up with it. But, it is the Shoah (arguable of course) that has built our foundation, the basis of our very survival—we, my generation is who we are today because of the people who went through hell and back—the people who hid, the people who escaped death and survived concentration camps, the people who gave us, my generation choice because they had none.


You gave us reason, or better yet, passed on reason to live—not only to live, but be thankful to live. It is you, the Holocaust survivors of the world, that me and so many other younger generations can do what we want—freely, without persecution—so, I say, we will be damned if we don’t tribute our survivors the way they deserve—we my generation, owes it to all of them.


How dare I or my generation turn a blind eye on the possibilities that the Holocaust can happen again—we should never be so complacent—how dare we, my generation turn a blind eye on Eretz Yisrael.


We, my generation owe it to you our survivors, to us and our children and our children’s children to live H’kol Israel, free, in peace, humbled by our Judaism, grateful, forever, for our past. We will never turn a blind eye.


Elise Kayfetz, 2012

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