The Yellow Rose Project: What it’s all about…

The Yellow Rose is an initiative that was inspired by the Senior Prom: An Intergenerational Celebration of Life for Holocaust survivors and high school teens (specifically March of the Living delegates). It became clear that survivors and young adults are thirsty for more opportunities to interact and engage with one another.

The Yellow Rose is an organization that forges intergenerational relationships between Holocaust survivors and young adults (age 16 to 40) through a variety of meaningful programs and events. Through these bondswe hope to achieve and ensure that Holocaust survival testimonies are effectively passed on; provide survivors with dignity and quality of life in their older adult years; and to teach the lessons of the Holocaust thereby ensuring that subsequent generations might recognize and counter intolerance where it stems. In the future, Toronto’s Jewish community will no longer have access to our beloved Holocaust survivors. We must act today in order to provide our community with meaningful, first hand engagement with those who survived the Nazi genocide while they are still here to tell their stories. This is the raison d’etre of The Yellow Rose. Unfortunately, the term “never again” has not stopped genocides from happening world wide–meaning there are/ will be a new wave of individuals effected by traumatic events and The Yellow Rose will engage them in programming too.

The Yellow Rose Project is based in Toronto and was founded in June, 2011.

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